Saturday, August 12, 2006


Apparently, the most common way of masturbating is to do the usual of the rubbing the penis with your hand.

In this regard, I guess that either I'm a total deviant, or that maybe everybody does it in different ways. Here are the ways I tried, listed in chronological order:

1) Shower Cap & Toilet Paper Roll & Pillows (the long kind, not the square kind)

- Lay out the pillows vertically. (i.e. so the their shorter sides are parallel)
- Stuff the shower cap into the hole of the toilet roll, so that it acts as a lining. You may want to put some shampoo/shower gel/liquid soap or moisturising lotion inside the cap.
-Put the toilet roll between the pillows, and voila!

Now you can lie down, and shove your penis into the toilet roll. The feeling of the cool lotion/shampoo acts as a turn on. Then simply moving up and down gets you going - at least it got me going. But the toilet roll turned out to be a little uncomfortable, so this didn't last long.

2) Just pillows
Eventually, I tried a new style. Basically, get 5/6 pillows, stack them in in one pair of 3 pillows each. Then simply lie down on top of them and rub your penis against them. This remains my favourite way till date, although it's very messy for the pillows. I guess you could do it with a condom on, but it's no fun that way. You need to have a few extremely firm pillows to act as the base pillows. The ones above those can be soft or hard as you like.

Rubbing my cock against pillows was the option I used the most often, especially because it was convenient to do it anywhere. Sleeping over at anybody's house, you could just use the pillow you're sleeping with, and reverse the side that has the cum on it. People never really figured out where the stains came from (they don't really wash off the pillow covers, so be careful).

3) Large Ironing Board & Hotel Comforter
Have you ever seen those soft and fuzzy comforters in hotels, the ones that are tightly made up? Hopefully you know what I'm talking about. Maybe I'll put up pictures some day. Anyway, so you what you do is that you fold up the comforter so that it's it's extremely long and rectangular, almost like a sausage. Then what you is the following:

You lie down on a couch, with your back against one end of the couch. You put the comforter against your cock, and then you take the ironing board, and put it above the comforter, with the pointy end of the ironing board pointing towards you, and with the point end being level with the tip of your flattened cock. (Your cock should be flattened and pointing towards your head).

Now comes the great part. Hold on to the T-bar which is facing you, and start rubbing your cock against the comforter, while applying the pressure of the ironing board against you. This method feels really really good, and you can also use it to cum multiple times. I've used it to cum at least 10 times in a session - this was over a period of a few hours, of course. The soft comforter feels great against your dick, and then when you mix some of your wet cum into it, and then continue to rub, it feels even better. This method is my all time favourite, but is harder to do, because you don't always have access to those fuzzy comforters and an ironing board.

My current method is to keep one of those fuzzy comforters near my bed, and instead of a pillow, I just use the comforter, folded sausage style. The only problem is that it's winter, which means that your cum doesn't dry fast enough. After about 8 months of using the comforter, there's a really funky smell coming from it - I haven't washed it yet.


So this is basically step one.
I became sexually aware at the tender age of 12. Before then, I knew there was a thing called sex, and I knew men and women did it. I knew women had a hole, and I knew you were supposed to put your penis in it. But I didn't know any of the details...

So there I am, having a bath, when I have my first erection, and I'm just like, whoa there...Hello! I didn't realize you could get bigger there....

So that night I basically played with my penis, trying to simulate putting it into a hole whose sensations I knew nothing about (and sadly only managed to find out very recently, some 15 years later!)

My first orgasm came as a shock to me. I had no idea what the hell was happening. At that point, I knew there was a word called orgasm, but if you look it up in the dictionary, it talks all about climax, and nothing about ejaculation!

So I got scared shitless and went racing to the bathroom, trying to get rid of the stuff that had just come out. I didn't quite know what was going on!

Eventually though, I figured it out, which brings me to my next post....